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Three sides sealing bubble pouch making machine: hdpe film-non-woven-pe-foam-bubble pouch;

bubble pouch three sides sealed bag making machine (available used as normal bubble pouch machine)

especially for two kinds different material sealed into bag; normally width larger than 1500mm

bubble film pouch & PE foam pouch; bag bottom sealed & bag 2sides sealed.

bubble pouch raw material: bubble film+bubble film; Non-woven+ bubble film; EPE foam+ bubble film, etc.,

Application for bubble film bag:
Air bubble film bag sealing line of solid, high efficiency ease of use, speed and flexible, stable homogeneous
Bubble bag making machine professionally produces shockproof cushion packing bags such as PE bubble bags, PE foam bags and so on, and includes the following processes: folding, heat sealing, heat cutting, transmission

Machine production range: 600mm--3000mm; as per design
Speed: 15-90pcs/min;multi speed production according to size of making
Characters: automatic hot roll sealing bottom; hot sealing cutting sides into finished bubble pouch.
                    online taping device; or online glue-injection available.

                    edge trimming blown collection system.
Working method: mechanical & pneumatic

End product: air bubble film bag, PE foam bag, three layers bubble film pouch (lamination bubble pouch)

Main Parameters bubble film bag (more details please contact with us)

modelfinished width(mm)finished length (mm)speed (pcs/min)total power (kw)weight(kg)
QPB-T100050-95080-160015-90 *lines6.81200

three sides sealing bubble bag making
three sides sealing bubble pouch machine, epe foam pouch machine

Bubble film three sides sealing bag making machine ( self seal bubble pouch machine)