Plastic Sheet Extruder Machine-PP-PE sheet extrusion machine

Single Layer Sheet Extrusion Machine

Basic Dates

1) Mainly used to produce PP, PE, PS plastic sheets for beverage mugs, ice cream cups, jelly cups and other packing containers
2) Sheet width: 670mm
3) Sheet thickness: 0.3-1.8mm
4) Screw diameter: 100mm
5) Main power: 55kW
6) Output: 180kg/h
7) Total power: 90kW
8) Overall dimensions: 13 x 2 x 1.8m

1. The extruder with large length to diameter than screw, plasticizing effect is good, sheet material thickness even, smooth, velocity, consistent.
2. Screw, barrel, die head all adopt high quality alloy, and the nitriding process, ensure sufficient strength, hardness and processing precision.
3. The die head part adopts the advanced hydraulic double location rapid change nets device, convenient operation, improve production efficiency.
4. Adopt bevel three roller structure, make sheet material production process more reasonable, improve the quality of material products.
5. The use of advanced frequency conversion motor and inverter control, easy to adjust the three rollers and drawing roller of the linear velocity.