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Economical bubble mailer machine-Metallic bubble poly mailers making machine

Economic bubble mailer machine, metalized bubble envelope poly mailer machine;bopp perlized bubble pouch machine;

thermal mailer with self adhesive tape and envelope pouch(self sealing bubble wrap shipping mailer, such as envelope padded self-seal kraft bubble envelop, great for shipping; durable and light in weight; 

Application for laminated bubble film bag sealing cutting production:

This machine dedicated machine is designed specifically for the production of soft laminated bubble envelope .
Bag making way : Laminating third layer with PE bubble film by hot roll bonding , composite materials with good by the fold forming device , and then molded by hot pressing the horizontal seal and cut into standard composite bubble envelope . The machine normally use pre-laminated bubble material roll directly, uses an advanced motion control technology , unwinding from the film material to cut molding , under computer control system out of the bag neat and beautiful , strong adhesion , reliable operation and easy to understand and convenient, economic design, is a high quality dedicated equipment bag.

*End product: especially for metal bubble film bag, padded mailers, three layers bubble mailer with a flap of adhesive tap.

More details as per real demanding and request from customers.

Bubble Mailer Machine Dates: Model 500 & 800 

Suitalbe materialPre-laminated air bubble film roll
Max design speed80pcs/min
Max bag length700mm
Max bag width600mm (can design as per requirements)
Max reel width1500mm
Max reel diameter1400mm;
Power supply3-phase 4-lines 380V 50/60HZ 18KW; 220V2P alternating Design
Overall dimension(L*W*H)8500*2150*2300