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air bubble film machine stretch film extrusion

air bubble film model dicide different finished bubble roll width: 400cm~300cm bubble film/ 200cm air bubble film machine/ 180cm bubble film machine/ 150cm bubble wrap machine/ 120cm width air bubble film/ 100cm air bubble film making machine

Air bubble molds are available in three standard sizes of 1/8",1/5" 3/16", 5/16" and 1/2", ( ø5 ø 6,10,20,30 ø 35mm)Custom designed moulds for air bubble film

Air bubble film machines are available in width of 48", 72", 96"and 124" finished width.

Available for making Bubble film products into different layers; laminated layers; composite layers film
a) 2layers: flat PE+ bubble PE
b) 3layers: flat PE+ bubble PE+ flat PE; al-foil/kraft + flat PE+ bubble PE
c) 4/5layers: al-foil/kraft +( flat PE+ bubble PE+ flat PE)+ al-foil/kraft

d) 7layers: al-foil/kraft +( flat PE+ bubble PE+ flat PE+ bubble PE+ flat PE)+ al-foil/kraft (laminated layers)

e) multilayers: multilayers air bubble film laminating machine

​PE air bubble film production line finished bubble film in different layers: two layers PE air bubble film machine; three layers  bubble film machine; four layers bubble film; five layers heat insulation bubble film ; seven layers air bubble film laminating machine.

composite materials: colored or printed PE film, EPE film, VMPET, Aluminium foil, Shielding film, printed conductive grid film, black conducting film, kraftpaper, non woven; UV stabilized, fireproof, anti-static film. laminate up to 9 layers with a foam PE film, paper, LDPE, HDPE films, aluminum foil or other materials. Supplied in rolls, sheets or perforated sheets roll.

two layers air bubble film, three layers,four layers, five layers, seven layers,
multi layers air bubble film machine

Air Bubble Film(2layers/ 3layers/ 4layers/ 5layers/7layers/multi-layers) laminated layers