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standup bubble mailer, bottom gusset bag

Standup mailer making machine-gusset bag machine-three dimensional zipper bag machine

standup mailer, gusset bag making

Standup bubble mailer machine; gusset mailer making machine

Application for standup mailer making machine:
Three dimensional zipper bag making machine; standup bubble mailer making machine; pearl cotton composite aluminum foil, thick pearl cotton composite membrane pouch making line, square bottom mailer making, standing on the table availble, automatic running mailer machine, functional online zipper mouth attached,
​Air Bubble Padded Envelope: Air bubble envelope is made of craft paper laminated. These are available in various GSM & sizes as per requirements of customers. The product is preferred to protect compact disc, floppy disc or any delicate item.

This machine dedicated machine is designed specifically for the production of kraft bubble envelope . Bag way : Laminating
Kraft paper with PE bubble film by hot roll bonding , composite materials with good by the fold forming device , and then molded by hot pressing the horizontal seal and cut into standard composite bubble envelope . The machine
uses an advanced motion control technology , unwinding from the film material to cut molding , under computer control system out of the bag neat and beautiful , strong adhesion , reliable operation and easy to understand and
convenient , is a high quality dedicated equipment bag.

*End product: especially for making standup laminated bubble film bag, PE foam bags, lamination layers bubble film gusset pocket making

QPB-LT800 DATES FOR REFERENCE ONLY. standup mailer making machine;gusset bag machine. More details as per real demanding and request from customers.

Standup Mailer making machine / bottom gusset bag Machine Dates

Suitalbe materialEPE foam laminated bubble film, aluminum foil bubble film; 25~150gsm
Max design speed1~40m/min (according to making size and film THK)
Max bag length650mm (including the tongue of bag)
Max bag width600mm (can design as per requirements)
Max reel width1500mm
Max reel diameter1400mm;
Power supply3-phase 4-lines AC 380V 50HZ 19KW
Overall dimension(L*W*H)13000*2500*2500