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Mfg. & Expo. air bubble film machine-Stretch film machine-Bubble mailer machine-Laminating machine

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​Extrusion T-die head structure: Molten material flow by cylinder into T-die’s lumen, and divided into 2 shares by spreader, then extruded outside from the T-die’s 2lips (2gap), form into 2layer bubble film

Air Bubble Production Flow
Main raw material LDPE (low-density polyethylene),
mixed measurably with other additive material,
Extrusion material in molten state, through
the precision T-die head, material form into 2layers film, vacuum sucking into air bubble; Traction and Guiding roller finally Rewinding into bubble wrap roll

Extrusion Machine Moulds Precision Processing

PASOMACHINERY is a professional manufacturer in China focus on making diffent layers of air bubble film machine, extrusion laminating machine, air buble film bag making machine, bubble pouch-bubble mailer machine (standup mailer), including supply film blowing machine, printing machine, bag sealing machine; stretch film machine-cling film machine; plastic waste recycling granulator machine, etc., to meet customers' demand. Our factory has high-level technical talented team for the design, the development, the poduction, the installation; for your turn-key project, the service completely offered by our company  MORE

Mainly manufacturing items:

Air bubble film making machine width from 1000mm to 4000mm, from two layers to seven layers.

PE stretch film extrusion machine,single layers, two layers multi-layers, co-extrusion machine.

Extrusion laminating machine for aluminum foil, nonwoven fabric, paper, bopp-pp film, membrane.

Bubble film bag making machine, bubble mailer machine (standup mailer /gusset bag); epe-foam pouch machine; biodegradable film extruders development.

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