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air bubble film forming cylinder, bubble roller

Air bubble film machine bubble forming roller (air bubble cylinder, bubble drum, bubble mould)

wen have already designed below bubble moulds for customers:
1, Spherical bubble size & allotype bubble film making machine:
2, Rhombic bubble film, heart sharp bubble film making; hear bubble film especially for gift packaging.
3, Square bubble film; equipped in rectangle bubble film making machine 
4, Diamond bubble size drum

Bubble diameter in size 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 10mm, 20mm, 30mm, 32mm etc.,
E.g. Bubble Size(MM):Diameter*Height:4*2.5;  6*2.5; 10*3.5 / 10*4  /10*6  /  20*7 /  25*10

                   Bubble roller diameter available: 210mm, 270mm. 320mm. 350mm, 400mm, 450mm, customized
                   Choose the right bubble size for your machine according to production finished bubble film application.

Available design different size bubble rollers as per customer's special requirements

PASO air bubble film machine produce bubble forming roller and extruder die head all kinds of size, customized available.

The bubble roller length from 500mm to 4000mm, as per requirements.

Our machine apply to high quality main extruders, includes high quality reducer, screw, extruder t die head; particuarly the bubble film forming cylinder; with times of milling treatment, Digital Drilling size, Drilling mini bubble vacumm holes; also Chrome plates for protectio the surface of the bubble drum for long life use.

 Air bubble film forming cylinder-bubble forming roller- bubble drum- bubble roller

moulds roller, bubble cylinder, bubble drum

Buying-Inquiry need below information:

Bubble forming roller: max. effective length, cylinder diameter, bubbe size, if drawing support better;

Extrusion die head: Max. effective width, how many layers; common model T die with heater; electric heating die head external blocking; adjustable die internal blocking; if drawing support better

Extruder die head processing for air bubble film machine & stretch film machine