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1200 high speed air column bag making welding forming production line

1, This machine is a special model specially designed for cushion air column bag making: including (A/B machine): air column welding / forming machine and air column bag forming shaping machine.
2, Bag making method: The PE+PA coil material is thermally synthesized with the PE gas valve film, and then re-formed and wound up, and then folded into a desired bag shape by a folding angle mechanism, and cut and formed.
3, The whole machine adopts advanced motion controller as the main control. The bag made by unwinding, heat sealing, winding and cutting is flat and beautiful, the bond is firm and reliable, the operation is easy to understand and convenient, and it is a high quality, special bag making equipment.

Main Parameter for A & B Machine: air coulmn film welding machine; air column bag forming machine

Max. feeding widthPE+PA film 1150mm
Effective feeding diameterPE+PA film Dia. 500mm
Max. bag making lengthstandard 420mm
Max. bag making width800mm
Max. film forming speed27~29M/min
PE+PA film: actual forming speed depends on the length of bag, the thickness of material, time of sealing.
Max. bag making speed100~120pcs/min
PE+PA film: actual forming speed depends on the length of bag, the thickness of material, time of sealing.
Motor drive2sets
Overall size8000x1600x1480mm (LxWxH)  / A-machine
1600x1600x1480mm (LxWxH)  / B-folder
3000x1120x1380mm (LxWxH)   / B-machine
Machine weightappro.   3800kg  / A-machine
appro.   2200kg  / B-machine

Raw Material:

PE-PA co-extruded film;  Air valve film (air valve diaphragm)

cushion air column bag protection packaging

The air valve film is mainly used for buffering the sealing of the air column bag. The two films are incompletely attached together, and the air is automatically locked after inflation, which can effectively prevent the air from flowing backward, so it is called "closed valve film". Using physical principles, once inflated, full row full, encountered damage, only part of the gas column failed, the remaining gas column is not affected, still can maintain long-term seismic shock protection.

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Air column bag machine (air column film welding forming & air column bag sealing)