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Two Layers PE Air Bubble Film Machine -air cushion film wd 50cm to 400cm

Basic two layers model QP-P1000-4000 pe air bubble film machine with CE approval, with single screw extrusion or coextruion optional; economically and mainly for forming single bubble, two layers bubble paper; it's commonly used for packaging furniture, glassware, pottery, fixtures, household appliances, express courier, etc.,
​Finished film: two layers,  one flat pe layer plus air filled bubble layer, formed in single bubble.

Air bubble size:  small bubble, middle bubble, big bubble size; customized available.

Thickness: 25gsm~ 300gsm ( as per application required)

Air Bubble Wrap Machine. The series of air bubble film making machines mainly produce pe air bubble film with raw material of LDPE granules. It can also be used for laminating bubble film with aluminum film, kraft paper and PE Foam sheet. or used as raw film of producing air bubble film bags, in features of moisture-proofing, dustproof, shock-proofing and static-preventing, which wildly applied to pack electronics, metals, electronic applications, auto components, ceramics, furniture and so on.     
Feature:This extrusion screw adopts the disposable shaping craft. 38CrmoALA nitrogenization treatment for long running. ​Our PE air bubble film machine is composed of extruder units, air bubble forming device, silicon cylinder, flat dies, slitting device, edge trimmed film collecting device, cutting device, automatic/winding device, inverter and cabinet control system, etc We name it in difference: bubble wrap, bubble bags, bubble envelopes, bubble packaging, bubble rolls, air bubble film, air bubble sheet, bubble rap packaging, bubble wrap bags, bubble padded envelopes, bubble padded mailers

Main Technical Parameter as reference: available customized or design as per customer's requirement.

we are glad to study and accept customers' idea and inovation for our air bubble film line.

* suggestion twin-screws air bubble film machine to increase production

modeldiameter of screwwidth of filmthicknessline speedoutputtotal powerL/D
QP-P3000φ130mm3000mm33-300gsm 800-1500m/h*120-180kg/h165kw30:1
30-300gsm 800-1600m/h*