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Automatc glue spary online air bubble film bag making machine

Double lines availalbe for PE bubble film bag and EPE-foam bag making.

Raw material: two layers pe air bubble film, EPE foam, lamintion three layers bubble film.

Mainly design for production of adhesive bubble pouch with automatic glue spray online.

*Automatic electronic control. using plugging type  IC circuit for easy adjustment.
*Fixed length computuer control the length of the bag, not only accurate but also efficient.
*Special structure of heat sealing and heat cutting to ensure a strong and smooth seal.
*Fold is stable and fast, suitable for flush and staggered

*Online taping bubble pouch or glue-injection system available

End product: air bubble film bag, PE foam bags

Main parameters for adhesive bubble pouch making machine

modelfinished width(mm)finished length(mm)speed(pc/min)total weight(kg)weitht(kg)

air bubble film bag making

Self seal bubble bags making machine  (online glue spray taping)

online glue injection bubble pouch machine