Assistant Equipment & Spare Parts of Air Bubble Film Machine

Air bubble film roll cutting machine & slitting machine; raw material dryer, color mixer; bubble waste film recycling machine; edge trimming recycling machine; perforator machine; auto loader; auto dryer

1) Air Bubble Film Roll Cutting Machine-vertical film cutter

Cutting air bubble roll-film into different width as per the width which will be done for bubble film bag bubble pouch, pe foam bag.

*Advantage: Easy operation and convenient for cutting without re-winding the roll-film, can cut the roll-film directly and effectively on the top of the flat-table. Easy adjusting the cutting width demanded. The cutting surface in glossy and flat, used directly to bag making machine.

2) Plastic Recycling Milling Grinding Granulator (for trimming film or waste film recycling from bubble film machine)

The machine adopts Japanese design principles, employs the principles of grinding rapidly, agitating continuously, milling and fractioning to be heated with multi-knives and cooling and contracting. It produces granules from waste materials and angle materials such as the plastic films, filament, ribbons, pieces, soft plastic pipes, foaming materials, and degrading materials, and puts then into reproduction .It is the latest ideal granulating equipment to recycle plastics and reproduce.

3) ​Air Bubble Film Online Edge Trimming Recycling Device

Automatic Take- edge material film recycling machine, equipped with air bubble film machine, or stretch film extruion machine

Usage: more than 45MM screw extruder,recycling scrap,scrap before the film did not change the physical properties of 100% random
( crushing and recycling ) reuse.
​Scope: For a thicker, wider, faster PP, PE, HIPE, LOPE, shrink closing film, PE cling film, etc.,Processing functions: thickness 0.06-1.2MM / width 100MM less scrap 

4) Air Bubble Film Machine Raw material granules mixer (color additive or other additives)

economic mixer equipment for plastic particle, before feeding inte extrusion material-hopper, put several bags of raw material particles, add some additive into this mixer, such as whitening agent,vbl cxt, or slipping agent, or anti-static aditive.  

5) Air Bubble Film Machine Auto loader & Auto Dryer Online

High quality automatic dryer and loader equipment for plastic particle, euqipped together with extrusion material-hopper, automatic suck the raw material particles through plastic pipe, with automatic value control feeding speed, easy operation, it's not a necessary assistant part for air bubble film machine, as a option choice.

6) Air Bubble Wrap Machine Water Chiller

Water chiller as a optional choice for air bubble film machine or other film extrusion machine, it's automatic control balance temperature of relaitve part, such as bubble forming cylinder temperature control, Normally our air bubble film machine euqipped with inner water cooling system in circle running already.

7) Accessories & Spare