air bubble film lamination with third layers foil (aluminum foil, kraft paper, HDPE film, PE- foam, non-woven fabric.pp film lamination etc.),  lamination bubble wrap machine, also supply bubble mailer machine

In-line servo PLC control perforation system for extrusion machine, online slitting cutting film into required width, automatic cutting, auto winding machine for air bubble film machine, or stretch film machine, Intelligent operation design 

air bubble film making machine,extrusion max width reached 400cm; all bubble sizes/sharps design available; from 2layers to 7layers; we design air bubble wrap machine,also supply bubble mailer machine for protection packaging.

Automatic Operation Design

Lamination Bubble Film Online

Flexiable Model Extrusion Film

MANUFACTURING RANGE-bubble wrap machine

                              2 layers /3~5 layers /5~7 layers Automatic Lamination Air Bubble Film Making Machine

                              WD: 1000mm/1200mm/1500mm/2000mm/2500mm/3000mm/3500mm poly bubble roll

                              Bubble Pouch Making Machine-Bubble Sheet Machine-Automatic Bubble Mailer Machine

                              Automatic Stretch Film Machine- (PE-PP-PVC) single layer-double layers-three layers 

                              Biodegradable Film Extruder-Membrane Lamination Machine; WD:  500mm~3000mm