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paso air bubble film machine supplier
air bubble film machine stretch film extrusion

extrusion with lamination online technology saves production time; laminating bubble wrap machine with extra layers (aluminum foil,aluminized PET, kraft, EPE- foam, non-woven, pp film etc.,); high precision extrusion die head equipped membrane extrusion laminating machine and automatic stretch film extrusion line for packing fields

PLC control cutting & perforation system; automatic winding & cutting for bubble extrusion machine; computuer control speed and length for making bubble pouch, bubble mailer machine with interface control, easy operation, which save cost and improves production quality.

automatic high capacity air bubble film making machine, composite layers from two layers to seven layers lamination; finished bubble roll width from 600mm to 4000mm; laminated extra layers into composite air bubble wrap, e.g.: aluminized air bubble film wildly used in construction and building nowadays

air bubble film lamination machine

Smart Operation Design

interface operation bubble mailer machine

Extrusion Laminating Online 

Multi-layers Air Bubble Film

bubble film aluminium foil laminating machine

Plastic Machinery Supply Range: Bubble Wrap Machine

Automatic Lamination Air Bubble Film Making Machine 2 layers /3~5 layers /5~7 layers 

      Finished bubble wrap roll WD: 1000mm/1200mm/1500mm/2000mm/2500mm/3000mm/3500mm

       Air Bubble Pouch Machine-Bubble Sheet Cutting Machine- Standup Bubble Mailer Machine

       Automatic PE Stretch Film Machine:  single layer-double layers-three layers

      Biodegradable Film Extruder-Membrane Extrusion Laminating Machine WD: 500mm~3000mm