Air bubble film bag making machine with collecting system; air bubble pouch stacking online with conveyor.

availalbe for PE bubble film bag and EPE-foam bag making with collection conveyor.

Raw material: two layers pe air bubble film, EPE foam, lamintion three layers bubble film.

Mainly design for production of air bubble film bag:
Air bubble film bag sealing line: edge solid,high efficiency ease of use, speed and flexible, stable homogeneous
Bubble bag making machine professionally produces shockproof cushion packing bags such as PE bubble bags, PE foam bags and so on, and includes the following processes: folding, heat sealing, heat cutting, transmission

Advantages: air bubble pouch stacker machine producing bubble film bag or epe-foam bags at high speed, more effetive than manual.

*Automatic electronic control. using plugging type  IC circuit for easy adjustment.
*Fixed length computuer control the length of the bag, not only accurate but also efficient.
*Special structure of heat sealing and heat cutting to ensure a strong and smooth seal.
*Fold is stable and fast, suitable for flush and staggered

*On-line taping or glue-injection system available

End product: air bubble film bag, PE foam bags

Main parameters for bubble pouch machine with bubble bag stacker and conveyor collection

modelfinished width(mm)finished length(mm)speed(pc/min)total weight(kg)weitht(kg)

Auto air bubble pouch stacker machine with collection conveyor- EPE foam pouch machine

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