Air bubble film bag sealing rolling machine: especially for winding sealed air bubble pouch into roll;

bubble film rolling pouch machine-bubble tubing sealing machine-perforation with tearable line for easy using with bag roll.

Application for sealing and winding bubble film bag in roll:
Air bubble film bag sealing line of solid, high efficiency ease of use, speed and flexible, stable homogeneous
computer control whole production line: folding, heat sealing, heat cutting,perforating, transmission, rewinding synchronized finsiehd at one time.

ADVANTAGES: bubble bag rolling making, and bubble tubing making

*Automatic electronic control. using plugging type  IC circuit for easy adjustment.
*Step /Servo motor control the length of the bag, not only accurate but also efficient.
*Special structure of heat sealing and heat cutting to ensure a strong and smooth seal.
*Fold is stable and fast, suitable for flush and staggered

*End product: rolling air bubble film, rolling bag, tubing bubble film.

Details design as per customer's special requirements :bubble wrap tubing function or bubble rolling bag

air bubble rolling pouch machine & bubble tubing machine parameters

model                  finished width (mm)finished length (mm)speed (m/min)total power (kw)weight (kg

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rolling bubble bag making, bubble tubing sealing
bubble film bag sealing rolling machine

Air bubble rolling bag making machine-bubble tubing sealing winding machine-bubble tubing roll