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Seven layers air bubble film machine. with double side foil laminating bubble wrap in-line; finished bubble wrap especially application for insulation; roof construction.

air bubble film aluminium laminating machine, heat insulation air bubble film laminated with aluminium foil.

Suitalbe material: PE coated material(PE coated aluminium foil, PE coated kraft paper, EPE foam film, PP/PE printed film, etc.,)

Totally three sets extruder working condition adjustable; available produce finished bubble film:

a) two layers: flat PE+ bubble PE ; single bubble making

b) three layers: flat PE+ bubble PE+ flat PE; al-foil/kraft + flat PE+ bubble PE 

c) five layers: al-foil/kraft + flat PE+ bubble PE+ flat PE+ al-foil/kraft ( aluminium foil & al-coated PET film, PP film)

d) Max.seven layers: al-foil/kraft + flat PE+ bubble PE+ flat PE+bubble PE+flat PE+ al-foil/kraft ( thermal insulation & heat insulation)

Function & Application: Seven layers heat isolation bubble wrap with double-lay bubble inside. we call it Ultra Violet inhibited (UVI) double laminated film bubble film: This is one hell of a description for what is in principal a very simple product. Basically it is a heavy duty bubble film that has not only flat film on one side of the bubble but on both sides, in effect encapsulating the bubble between a polythene sandwich. On top of this the films that are used for this material have additives to slow the process of the film being broken down by the action of sunlight. This product is used extensively for the insulation of greenhouses etc

Bubble Line Feature: This air screw adopts the disposable shaping craft. It is our factory that draws domestic and international advanced technology extensively, through a large number of production practices in having ordinary equipment originally, develop, design can produced polyethylene compound bubble(cushion) membrane in succession. Designs science, practical. Rational in structure of the machine. It's the main products of our company. It has passed quality certified. Our PE air bubble film machine is composed of extruder units, air bubble forming device, silicon cylinder, flat dies, slitting device, edge trimmed film collecting device, cutting device, automatic/winding device, inverter and cabinet control system, etc We name it in difference: bubble wrap, bubble bags, bubble envelopes, bubble packaging, bubble rolls, air bubble film, air bubble sheet, bubble rap packaging, bubble wrap bags, bubble padded envelopes, bubble padded mailers.

Main Technical Parameter: Co-extrusion aluminium foil laminating bubble film machine: two screws co-extrusion; three screws co-extrusions; mainly dates as reference. additional function-optional & customized available.

Heat insulation bubble film machine professionaly design for making seven layers & twin screw co-extrusion available, 

modelscrew diameterMax. widthcapacitytotal powerL/D
QP-SG120065mm/55mm/65mm1200mm150kg/h188 kw30:1

double layers aluminum foil heat insulation air bubble film machine

5-7 Layers Air Bubble Film Machine (heat insulation double sides aluminium foil lamination)